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Unmoored: Worlds of Pure Chaos Anthology

This anthology of science fantasy stories features my story, Radio Silence, which won the grand prize in Fictionate’s July 2022 Worldbuilding Short Fiction Contest. Click the photo to purchase through Barnes & Noble.

Radio Silence

In the year 3045, after the Earth has been cleansed by the “Others”, Eleanor’s Gran often tells her stories about what the old world was like before the aliens arrived and destroyed everything. Eleanor is friends with Juniper, a boy with violet eyes who was left behind by the Others. When her Gran gives her a defunct radio, Eleanor takes it to Juniper, who thinks it might be just what he needs to get the robot he’s been building to work.

($0.99 fee to read on site)

Fountain Pen

Author Interview

Check out my author interview to go along with my story on Fictionate, Radio Silence. 

The Bus

My most recent publication, featured in the Q&A Queerzine.


Woods Breath

When you come to, the fading light of day hurts your eyes. You blink against the unfamiliar brightness that shines across your upturned face in streaks of orange and yellow. Groggy, you roll your head to one side and focus unsteadily on the trees that line the cracked asphalt beneath your supine form. With the sun setting behind them, their silhouette rises darkly in a mass of leaves and undergrowth. As you look deeply into them, a breeze blows against your face and ruffles your hair. The woods are breathing.

Frosted Glass

A very real story of my experience with a supernatural being I can't, even to this day, explain.

(This journal's website is temporarily down.)

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