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Tracy Root

Just waiting for these cats to get off my keyboard.

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About Me

My name is Tracy Pitts. I live in Jackson, Mississippi, where I work in non-traditional education and fit writing in around the edges. I have a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the Mississippi University for Women, and my pieces have been published in Fictionate's Unmoored anthology and in several online journals. 

Sometimes I photograph things. Like writing, it's a way to show people how the world looks through my eyes. We live a strange and beautiful life, and I love to focus in on the minutiae of this place we call home.

I have three cat children, Stormy, Dusty, and Titus. You can find me at my favorite coffee shop every morning before work, squeezing a little writing in before the chaos of the day starts. 

Join me, if you will, and let's see where this road takes us!

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